Woman Fights
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By: Franz Horner

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Fighting Dolls

Fighting Dolls is a unique site dedicated to naked female wrestling. At the end of the wrestling match the winner has hardcore sex with the referee - any way she wants. You won't find similar fighting content on the entire internet! On Fighting Dolls pages you can see matches between women and between man and woman. You can see a real struggle in wrestling, catfight, nude wrestling and mixed matches. Some fights are with erotic content. Women wrestlers are in different weight categories, some are active athletes, other professional models and some ordinary girls with a normal job.

The name Fighting Dolls is intriguing. It’s kind of hard to tell what kind of content they’re going to have when you first hear it. When you get inside the site you’ll see that they’re going for a female wrestling thing. The catfight part comes from the fact that some of these scenes feature some very light catfighting and that in the ones that stick closely to the formula you’re watching one girl get gangbanged by a whole bunch of others and there’s some aggression. There are 90 videos for download and they don’t all stick to the formula but there’s more than enough to provide significant arousal and value for your membership dollars. Joining is a good idea for those that are intrigued by the concept.

Fighting Dolls is anything but a goodie-goodie erotica site featuring seemingly shy girls that do naked posing or handle dick for the very first time on camera – it is a true hardcore resource where real butches and real bitches (sometimes even both in one) come together on the wrestling ring and beat and fuck the shit out of each other with skillful cameramen filming that pandemonium of pain and lust. Well, it seems like it’s hatred towards their opponents among whom you can find both men and women that makes these bitches so appealing and the things they do – so exciting.

I have to admit that the outside of this resource doesn’t produce an impression of one dedicated to reality action. Alright, the babes featured here are all very tough and very sexy – they’ve got curvaceous but fit bodies, lots of tattoos and they fight like wild cats but… I think I know more resources dedicated to much rougher female sex wrestling. Anyway, all the teasers here look even more than simply exciting and anything but ordinary – and that’s already quite enough to make me eager to scrutinize the contents of this site’s Members area.

Looks like the collection of content you will be offered to enjoy at the adult site under my scrutiny is anything but a big one – and it seems to be a common feature that can be traced in most sites comprising the network that this one belongs to. All in all, there are 15 scenes in its archive – and while I’m sure that most of them are exclusive, some still do arise quite some of my suspicion. If you ever happen to come inside this fighting site, pay special attention to Boob Wars 1, 2 and 3 scenes – these are the ones that look like they have been snatched from somewhere else. The rest of the episodes are alright though.

Okay, as you can see, there are good features of this resource, there are bad features – plus, there are features that I’m absolutely unwilling to cope with, such as the poor choice of content, for instance. If the latter is not that vital to you, maybe you might take a look at this site, what do you think?

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Female warriors

What happens when you put one of the world's most dangerous and experienced female wrestlers into a match against a young up and coming fireball female fighter with little experience but pure natural talent and an irrepressible will? We found out when we agreed to let gorgeous Sunny, the sexy dark skinned knockout take on Angel, an incredible female warrior who has muscle but yet retains her hot female figure! Because Angel, 5',4", 160 lbs., is a world class female gladiator with years of experience across the globe in no rules fights, multiple martial arts and extensive grappling training, the Flamingo matchmakers were initially against letting the wildy aggressive and youthful Sunny, 5'4", 135 lbs. get it on with Angel.

But there is no stopping the fearless Sunny who likes nothing more than to battle with the best! In her interview, Angel, wearing a sexy clingy green two piece made it clear she felt she would prevail. Sunny who was clad in a tiny thong which left nothing to the imagination made it clear she didn't care if she won or lost, but she was ready to try out her skills and technique against the cagey ring veteran.

From the second this match began to the very end, it was a raging mother of all battles that pitted youthful energy against the savvy pro. With Angel's world class submission wrestling experience she was able to gain a number of devastating choke holds and some brutal arm/shoulder locks that quickly forced Sunny into submission, but none of these deterred Sunny! She just attacked and attacked! To her credit, there were numerous times when Sunny was on top and dominating the action. After the contest, Angel was very complimentary saying,"I feel sorry for anyone Sunny's own size, especially after she gains more experience." Sunny just loves to fight and said, "I learned a lot and I look forward to my next match." If you want to see a nonstop fierce raging war between two very sexy aggressive and dangerous female combatants, then this classic is a must for your collection.

This video is truly one of Flamingo finest productions! First of all, both of these female warriors have bodies that are so fine they'll make you gasp. Next you get to see both women measure each others beautiful physiques (arms, thighs, and calves) on camera. Then, you get the opportunity to find out what these girls are really like with exclusive personal interviews before and after the match.

Finally, the explosive, shocking violence that you will see in this brutal, no holds barred, all out, vicious and very competitive war will stun you. Our first competitor to be measured was Suzanne, 5'6", 132 lbs., who has been wrestling less than a year and wore a clingy pink two piece. She faced Jill, 5'5", 128 lbs., the widely feared Scottish fireball that more than deserves her reputation for dishing out brutal punishment and truly enjoying it. She wore a black two piece thong that left virtually nothing to the imagination. Next, Suzanne measured Jill. Having discovered their measurements were very close, the tension of the upcoming battle was turned up a notch. Suzanne during her interview shared some of her rigorous training routine which includes running four miles a day with weights strapped to her, weightlifting and kickboxing aerobics.

She said, "I love it when my opponent puts me in a painful hold, it just makes more aggressive." Jill shared some of her thoughts. "I love chest sit pins and grapevines. Oh, and don't forget Boston crabs, basically, I like to inflict pain." Jill weightlifts every day and boasts that she can squat 185 lbs. She said, "with my experience and moves, I'll have the advantage." With the girls having heard their opponent interviewed, the pressure cooker was about to explode as these female fighters were dying to get it on! The action was everything and more than expected. They really went out to hurt their opponent. There was constant shrieking from agony as crunching body and head scissors were savagely dished out like candy.

The action was non-stop with back and forth submissions. When Suzanne forced Jill into submission, Jill would explode with wild vengeance and even the score and vice versa. Jill was choked so badly, she continued to gag long after being let up. When you see these women freaking out as they are punished unbelievably with violent headlocks, grapevines and chest sit pins, you will know that you are seeing one of the most dramatic all real female wrestling videos, you'll ever see! At one point, Jill had Suzanne's arms stuck while she was pinned. Jill just kept her there and Suzanne wiggled and squirmed with futility. There was even more mind blowing savagery with Russian sickles which looked like a head might get snapped off the body.

At the end of the match these tired warriors each proclaimed that they were the victor. Who do you think won? Order this classic match with all of it's lengthy footage and decide for yourself today!


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